Bad dreams

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Why do I watch
Why does he suffer
Especially another
Man, my brother

I want to help him
To get him through
But then he dies
In front of you

I’m racked with guilt
A quivering wreck
It should have been me
Lying on that deck

I want to give in
And forget what occurred
Here I go again
Another night scared

It hurts, the pain
Of someone suff’ring
And then I’m back
The phone is ringing

I wake with a start
Was I there again
Another nightmare
Desperation sets in

Nobody is bothered
Does anyone care?
When I wake up drenched
From another nightmare

They will never stop
The bad dreams won’t cease
The circle won’t break
Please give me some peace

Freedom I seek
But the chain is too tight
Release and let me
Sleep through the night

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