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When the green of summer changes to an autumn glow,
When the sun settles in the western skies,
When the hours of sunlight get less and less each day,
When the flowers of the field say their goodbyes,
We can hear the music of the autumn requiem,
Which reminds us that each year part of nature dies.
When the birds flock together and prepare to fly away,
To seek food and warmth in foreign land,
When hedgehogs look fora place to hibernate,
It’s a sure sign that winter is close at hand,
The music of the autumn requiem can be heard,
It’s a message which is easy for us to understand.
When the apples on the trees are ripe for picking,
And the grain harvest has been safely stored away,
When the seed for next years harvest has been sown,
Farmers can relax in the calmness of an autumn day,
As they listen to the music of the autumn requiem,
That reminds them that seed time and harvest will never pass away.
This promise of god is one on which they can rely,
Knowing that their success depends upon natures cooperation,
Knowing that hard work on their part is essential,
If they are to provide for the needs of the nation,
But as they listen to the autumn requiem,
They are reminded that god is part of the equation.

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