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Paulette Francesca Sedgwick



Sharing the tear's The sorrows Nervous laughter Standing upon the platform of our dreams Waving away our innermost emotion's Shattering the ecstasy of plans and schemes. Looking into each others eyes - that glisten wondering if, or when, we'll ever meet Making the effort not to hurt each other By…

Don’t look back

As you go through life There will always be times When decisions need to be made When choices are hard. There are some situations when all you can do Is simply let go and move on Gather your courage, choose a new direction Making a brand new life a fresh…

The dream

My whole body aches with sensual longing My thoughts were electified with passionate intent Seeing you lying there Your so inviting Seductively poised as we lie on a golden sandy hot beach In my dream - I embrace you in a thousand kisses Caress you, until your entire body Vibrates…

Young and Old Soldiers of War

On a certain sad but special Sunday only in November Young and old soldier's from all walk's of life and religion's, Regardless of weather Every year up and down Britain gather together Familys attend special church or community service's Or, like myself, watch London Live on Tv Whilst proudly wearing…