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The pair scoured the land for prey.
Mouths wide open, Dragon’s teeth revealed.
Spotted. There. Moving Slowly
Across the landscape.

A glance exchanged, the plan was pre formed.
One plunged Earthward from the Heavens,
Diving towards its quarry,
Spitting fire and wrath as it went.

Its mate, circled, watching,
Waiting for a chance at the victim.
Soon it came. A sharp pull out of the dive.
Free air, regaining altitude. The circling became
A screeching plummet Earth bound.

The Game lay dead,
Spewed innards peppered the dusty ground
Entrails and Claret were the litter.
The Hunt was over.

A Savage Silence hung in the Air.

They’d killed their own.

Were these the actions
Of a Friend?

Mark Christmas

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