Ashes to Ashes (“Oh no don’t say it’s true”)

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There is a “Starman waiting in the sky”
So oft’ he’d dreamed of openly, thru song
With “Major Tom” (who once bid Earth goodbye)
This “Man Who Sold the World” doth now belong
Androgynous, when ‘Ziggy’ chose to reign
Yon “Rebel, Rebel” had so much to say
Thru many “Ch-Ch-Changes, faced the strain”
Twas said, “We could be Heroes” (for one day)
Tho whom amongst twud brave resulting storm
An “oddity from space” (some did opine)
Where one by one, all peers thru age conform
‘Chameleon of Pop’ (couldst not confine)
For final words (and yes we hope ’tis true)
Sang – “I’m Happy; I hope your’e Happy too”

Richard Gildea

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