Approach of Winter

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Autumn’s left us with golden leaves
With evenings come the mist and frost
Chilling the air around us
And the last of the Dahlias will be lost
Along with others except the hardy Roses
Their last fragrant blooms avoiding the frost
The flower beds are now all sleeping
Covered with shredded bark and peat
Like a blanket covering the Spring flowers
Retaining sufficient heat
Promoting growth of Daffodils and Tulips
Jonquils and Snowdrops too
Overlooked by the Regal Camelia & Jasmine
And later the Hyacynths breaking through
Jack Frost has lined the trees and hedges each morning
But soon the sky will be heavy with cloud
Winter will be here with snow in abundance
Covering the ground like a shroud
Gone are the roses with silken petals
Not even the bulbs are in view
To brighten the coldness that surrounds us all
Waiting for the Spring to break through
To cast off the icy cloak of Winter
And look for the signs of the new Season to appear
As the shrubs trees and plants start to grow once again
To begin once again another Horticultural year

Dennis Shrubshall

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