Angels 10 o’clock

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A dark and cloudy sky holds court above the earth so green and damp
My spirit needs uplifting; lonely days bereft of smiles and fun
I try to lose myself in books sitting next to reading lamp
Tis then I hear the call to soar and fly beneath the sun

Breaking through the covered gloom in innocence they swoop and dive
Upon a heart that jumps within at image brought before my eyes
Angels 10 o’clock appear in trinity to give “High Five”
The ‘Daughters of my Daughter’ come to brighten up the skies

They have no wings to lift me high just smiles that make my life worthwhile
Hugs of warm embrace for one who’s blessed beyond good measure thrice
Laughter breaks out, giggles too and loneliness is put on trial
Sugar n’ spice the sentence passed, my time is full of all things nice

Richard Gildea

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