And it came to pass

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And it came to pass
That a Globe was formed from a so called mass,
By whom or what I don,t know so I’ll pass

And it came to pass that life could live here
On this green & blue beautiful sphere
Plants,animals the whole nature
It didn’t take Long for Humans to mature.

And it came to pass like only Humans can
We fought and killed our fellow man
So after years of rule by the sword
We thought it better to rule by the word.

And it came to pass that nations came together
Saying we Unite no matter what the weather
It Held out good for a few mini surprises
But then came many a Major crisis.

And it came to pass that this so called United
Is now uncertain and maybe eventually be divided
Our Government is maybe playing European hardball
But that’s why we put them after all.

AND IT MAY COME TO PASS that if they don’t start finding a solution
We the People could start a Revolution
I say These things not in Jest
It,s up to Government to PASS the TEST.

Robert Peden

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