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I foresee the peace of a wonderful land
Completely shattered as by turn of hand
See all peace cracked like a fragile glass pane
Promises broken will cause trouble again.

Promises broken for corrupt ambitions
with such bad laws made by the rich politicians.
So that anarchy lingers at our front door
Anarchists welcome every mistake and flaw.

One law for the rich and another for the poor
Makes many good folk want to even the score
Creating dangerous and volatile situations
As angry men that fought once for their nation.

Folk in their anger to pick up arms again
because the old folk are now sick and in pain
Nation could die from congenital decease
if it allows rich men to rule as they please.

Bad laws made for one but not for another,
just cause civil wars brother against brother
the rich get richer never caring at all
They could very soon now be stood against a wall.

Will they then realise they’re deep in the mire
as the anarchist leader shouts, “Take aim, Fire”!

Leslie de la Haye

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