Analysis of Life

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Life is a mystery to all of us
Nobody can predict what lies ahead
As if that were so we might alter things
To the life we preferred instead
So look into your soul one day
A tremendous task it may seem
Is there something you regret perhaps
Would your life have followed a different scheme
Perhaps to have travelled the world afar
Or climbed the mountains in your dreams
But you know that you are what you are in this world
And try to govern your Life’s schemes
But they too are not infallible
But subject to amendment and change
Coping well with everyday life
But find difficulty dealing with things strange
Tho’ variety they say is the Spice of Life
And in it we are merely players in the cast
Each playing our chosen Role
In a Theatrical Production Oh! So vast
So live each day to the fullest extent
Fill each hour with Happiness and Health
Coupled very closely with Friendship
Which may create eternal Wealth

Dennis Shrubshall

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