An Gleann Mòr (The Great Glen)

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O’er Lochs assailed each side by mighty Bens
I’ve journeyed on through rift forged long ago
Now ages past; hath form’d imposing Glens
To map my course through centuries of floe
In carving out such beauty to behold
Both glacier and quake didst sculpt as one
Where history and legend now unfold
Of ancient clans and folklore (here rerun)
Loch Linnhe, then Loch Lochy and Loch Ness
By river and canal, connect to coasts
From ‘East to West’ they cleave as lands depress
To depths which harbour monsters and fear’d ghosts
As ‘Neptune’s Staircase’ rises up tae greet
‘Old Nessie’ lurks below (one thousand feet)

Richard Gildea

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