An angry poet

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In the deep twilight of the evening,
Over horizons, sun has nearly set,
I ponder then on my daily actions
Then from sick of heart, comes the deep regret.

Did I really state the clear obvious?
With rude swear words thrown in for emphasis?
Did I then spit, in face of arrogance?
To tie a knot tight in his complexes.

Again! My fiery temper took control
Then my threats, came streaming in a flood
I so swore I’d take my fist and punch him
Just to watch him pour with his life’s black blood.

I am now brought down to his low level
Because the hot red blood steams in my veins
My heart tells me that I am doing wrong
But naught ventured, then there are no gains!

Damn! I just can’t get to sleep…Damn him!
Next time I will punch the moron!

Leslie de la Haye

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