An angel called my name

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An angel called my name today I heard it very clear
It was heralded by a fanfare now I find I am here
I am not upset it has happened I dodged the bullets for so long
Not too much to stay for now all my friends already gone

I wait for her to come collect me I feel euphoric now
A hint of white and a soft movement a feather sweeps my brow
A gentle feeling of emotion a release from my body as I rise
I don’t understand why but the angel lifts me and she cries

I can feel the sad emotion and I ask her why the tears
She smiles a smile that grips my heart removing any fears
“You come to meet you maker and that is a glory to behold”
“But you have left your body behind before you could grow old”

I won’t indulge you further the moment should be a surprise
Suffice to say I am with my friends we have all looked into Gods eyes
When your angel comes calling don’t fear what will happen to you
The only sadness you may feel is for those who won’t pass through

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