“Always with you!”

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Darling my heart was home with you,
when they flew out of the sky
And you now often ask of your God;
Oh dear Lord! Why! Oh why?

For I was in that tower block,
with its head high in the clouds
I know you prayed I’d left my work,
joined home going crowds

Yet gone, I’m still beside you darling,
so please be brave and strong
And when you cry in anger,
at ones that did this evil wrong

I’ll be looking down from Heaven’s portals,
way up there on high
For on that Sept 11th day,
I was an innocent meant to die

Means I’ll be with you forever;
maybe as the morning sun
Or as a newborn child,
that will learn one day to skip and run

Or as your bright star in the black blue skies,
guarding from above
Remember, I shall be with you,
only you can keep my love

And in your hurt and sad filled mind,
keep safe my memory
Light a candle for me,
and on the lawn plant a little tree

I shall always be beside you,
when you feel alone and sad
So think of all that love we shared,
and stay forever glad

And I’ll be with you forever,
in the sun, moon, wind and rain
Until we meet at Heaven’s door,
and walk hand in hand again.

Leslie de la Haye

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