All mixed up

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Im all mixed up, where I go,
Somebody help me, because I don’t no.
So much emotion, that I feel,
Too many things becoming real.
I want to runaway, I want to hide,
My mixed up feelings that I have inside.
Where do I go, what do I do,
Do I follow my heart so true?
Sometimes life I cannot bare,
Sometimes in life, I do not care.
Some things just never go my way,
In what I do, or what I say.
The past, the future, feel the same,
Is it me, or someone else I blame?
Change my life, that I should,
Not look at the bad, but look at the good.
Where will it get me, will I get far,
Does a person ever know who they are?
I’d like to know what it is I should do,
In this life, to get me through.

Tina Howarth

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