All But A Moment After.

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Are u listening to those that went before?
The muffled screams behind that bitter door,
Their whispered howls of what u might find,
With echoed pain that pierce your mind.

Visions of red and dusty hides,
Clawing at clothes with abandon besides,
The colour of the poppies flowing away,
Mixed with mud from were you lay.

More screaming forever released,
From the kernel pain with no relief,
Through the horror shown in visions of light,
and the animal urge not to give up the fight.

One final stab of hate blossoms anew,
Then blessed numbness starts to spread through,
A blanket of the what feels like the end,
Is it now? the time to ascend?

A thought more man than beast,
Willing to fly above the pain, released,
Not claws now, hands,
And not screams, more commands.

All pieces now of what you were,
And a broken promise that you gave her,
The struggled recovery now begins here,
Of an IED casualty most severe.

15 Nov 11

Alex Roissetter

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