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Some people believe in a Wonderland
In Fairy Tales it was Alice
Where all her dreams came true
And she finished up in her Palace
But life although is sometimes similar
With experience of sadness and joy
And plays a part in every life
Through the manner we may employ
But I have a friend named Alice
And have known her many years
We’ve shared many happy hours together
And I’ve been there to help her dry the tears
Unfortunately there was a man in her life
Who lied and would ever deceive
So she made up her mind to confront him
Perhaps her anger to relieve
With a growing anger inside her
She started to drink to ease the pain
Which prompted her to take action
After drinking to excess once again
And on this fateful evening
She took her daughter along for the ride
Tragedy occurred as her truck overturned
On the journey, and her dear daughter died
Now Alice has a dog and her Husband
If between them she was asked to choose
I’m not a gambling person
But I think the Hubby would lose
And after the sad event in her life
She turned to drink to ease the pain
Knowing her behaviour caused the accident to happen
And she’d not see her beloved daughter again
Her life is now spent in a home that’s pristine
With nothing to seem out of place
A house that’s always tidy and clean
But no longer a smile on her face
It’s sad to think of my friend in her plight
A pal that I’ve long known as Alice
She’ll never be free of that terrible night
Away from the world in her Palace.

Dennis Shrubshall

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