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Life is full of complexity
With variety but not concise
Every day filled with some challenge perhaps
Some days good and some not so nice
When problems appear on the horizon
There are various way to cope
Some will act instinctively
Others may give up hope
And at this point the doubt occurs
Which avenue is correct to take
Is it right to retreat within oneself
Or fight demons the fear to break
But at this point comes consideration
What will comfort a troubled soul
Would tranquil drugs give them some relief
Or the alternative maybe Alcohol
In moderation a harmless drink
May set the mind at rest
Enabling one to think more clearly
And perhaps solve ones problems best
But for some what starts as a social drink
Accelerates to become an addiction
What started out as a pleasurable event
Has now become and affliction
Every day problems seem to get larger
The pressure of living is starting to tell
Where drink in glass once seemed the answer
Now become their own living hell
Just one more drink is what most say
When asked if they feel alright
But just one more drink turns to many
And oblivion again for the night
Alcoholics seldom accept responsibility for their plight
Using every excuse that comes to mind
And sadly friends and relations are hurt on the way
When a solution for addiction they try to find
For most folk find a Social drink is O K
When always taken in moderation
Enjoying company and entertainment
With no fear of a confrontation

Dennis Shrubshall

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