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Frozen, moving, drawn with lead,
Partly, poorly, brightly dead.
Outscreams the love and moves the damaged into view,
With sorrow crying at the hue of bodies in the hollow mind.

Lived in, tiresome, lonesome dread,
Exhausted thoughts, too shallow bed.
Embrace! The folded hidden wants of dreams of you,
That well like springs to be stopped up and left alone un-signed.

Fallen, softly, nothing said,
Craven, coward, lowered head.
To live to love to hold and held become as one,
There’s not so much to overcome just anguish pain and pride.

Wrongly, wrongly, both are wed,
To hearts, too bloodied, stained with red.
To want to dream to love together as undone,
I could, I could! If only you and only you would hold to be my guide.

Josh Williams

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