About FLOW

FLOW (Forces Literary Organisation Worldwide) is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to help and support anyone affected by war, to share their thoughts online with like-minded people.

Many people find asking for help difficult, do not wish to be identified, or possess self-pride and do not want to disclose their feelings to their peers.

At FLOW, anyone who is affected by war, whether that is service personnel, their friends and family or anyone who simply wants to express themselves are invited to share their feelings and thoughts in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

People are welcome to share their stories or poems and read other people’s contributions. Often, it can be comforting to engage with like-minded people, knowing that you are not alone in your feelings. Writers have the option to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym if they prefer not to use their real name.

FLOW’s Poems & Stories

Submitted stories and poems will undergo a moderation process, and after approval will be published on the site. We ask that you understand some members of the community may be young, so please understand that some literature may be censored prior to publishing. We do still advise viewer caution due to the nature of topics discussed.

19th March 2020

“Tae a Virus”

Twa months ago, we didna ken, yer name or ocht aboot ye But lots of things have changed since then, I really must salute ye Yer spreading rate is quite intense, yer feeding like a gannet Disruption caused, is so immense, ye’ve shaken oor wee planet. Corona used tae be…
10th February 2020

Thanks to the Print Creative Team

"PrintCreative" are a very fine team We asked them for help They painted our dream We’ve now got our website All shiny and bright To help many others sleep better at night. Thanks guys
18th October 2019


Here I sit on a lonely park bench, I try hard to forget the shallow, dark trench, I try hard to forget the filth and blood, And the bodies of friends lying in the mud. I try to forget that feeling of fear, As a German patrol drew closer and…

Raising Funds

In order to become a registered charity, FLOW must secure an annual income of at least £5,000. At present, FLOW is raising funds to publish its books, poetry and stories.

Every year FLOW hopes to publish two books; each a collection of the stories and poems created over the previous 12 months. FLOW also presently runs on the generous time provided by its volunteer staff, most who are ex-service personnel and their families and friends, but in order to develop, full-time paid staff are required.

As FLOW for ALL is not-for-profit, all contributions and proceeds from fundraising efforts will go directly back into the organisation so we can continue providing support to those who need it.

Contributions can be made through our website, or alternatively you can contact us to donate directly. If you wish to hold a fundraiser of your own, please contact us.


of people exposed to mass violence have been shown to develop PTSD


are diagnosed with PTSD during a given year


Women are 2x more likely to suffer from PTSD than men

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