A Soldiers lot

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This letter I am writing,

Is for someone lost in war,

Just one of many souls,

Whom in time we shall see once more.

He gave his life for his country,

Therefore, others may be free,

He gave his life for peace,

A gift for you and me.

Have we learnt the lesson?

Was his death in vain?

Have we let that soldier down?

For we have been to war again.

How many more sons,

Will die for the cause of peace,

How many times will we let him down?

When will the entire killing cease?

Life is precious,

We learn from our mistakes,

Remember those lost in war,

Before rash decisions make.

Let us not forget his sacrifice,

Let us not forget the men,

Who through their courage,

We shall see again.

So instead of remembering him every year,

We should remember every day,

In addition, never forget that soldier,

Who lost his life today?

Malcolm G Bradshaw

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