A Soldiers Life

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I sit and stare at an empty screen
On what shall I write tonight
Is there anything worth saying about the world today
Or shall I think about our soldiers plight
For a Soldier’s life is a lonely one
Each day may bring something new
He may be re-united with his loved ones
Maybe promotion he will pursue
For there’s no doubt if you’re a military man
Ambition must play a big role
Ever alert and willing to learn
And eager to be in control
Not knowing what tomorrow may bring
Where on the globe you will be
Fighting for the right of freedom, or
Maybe to restore peace and tranquillity
In some far off foreign land
Besieged by a Terrorist’s threat
Unfortunately we live in a world of unrest
Which some folk are ever keen to forget
Although no longer an Imperial Force
Our Military men are still held in high esteem
Still ever ready to give help and support
No matter how remote the solution may seem
If you happen to ask a Soldier today
How he feels about the life that he chose
Does he worry about the risks and danger that he faces
He’ll reply as his thought’s he’ll compose
And may say “I joined the Army to be a Soldier
To serve in the World far and wide
And some day I know it may be kill or be killed
But I put all those thoughts to one side”
And after a few years of service
Perhaps engaged in a few theatres of war
Witnessed the horror but also smiles of relief
Of the adults and children he been fighting for
As he performs his task in many a conflict
Ever hopeful that hostilities will cease
When once again he can return to his loved ones
And perhaps live in a World at Peace

Dennis Shrubshall

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