A small gift

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Do you give a thought to that person?
The one you don’t even know.
Do you give thought to their actions?
Of which you don’t see because they’re not on show.

Do you enjoy the freedom you have?
Sleeping safely tucked up in your bed.
Do you enjoy the pleasures of life?
Then stop to remember those who are dead.

Today marks a victorious time.
For many have lived on.
Today marks a very sad occasion.
The loss of a daughter and a son.

Do not feel guilty of the pleasure you have.
Or that you have gained wealth through the life you have led.
Do not be saddened at this time of year.
But remember the victory and sadness of those who are dead.

Rejoice in your life and live to the full.
Enjoy and dance/jump up and down.
Just take a moment to remember
Of those who’s gift made sure you have grown

One minute of silence is not much to ask
A moment of sombre expression not pain.
A small gift a moment of recollection
For their lives were not given in vein

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