A Nurses Work Is Never Done

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A nurse’s work is never done
Run ragged all day, is hardly fun
But no matter what they have to do
They always have time to care for you

From dusk ‘til dawn they slave away
Dealing with patients every day
How they manage, Lord only knows
They just seem to handle it, however it goes

A friendly smile, a pleasant refrain
Makes the patient feel better again
Be it severe cases, or just taking blood
These wonderful nurses are awfully good

So much respect these nurses deserve
Anyone that doesn’t, they’ve got a nerve
But alas some don’t appreciate what nurses do
In the brilliant way they look after you

So, hats off to nurses, wherever you are
You’re all fantastic, shining stars
Keep up the great job you do every day
Looking after us patients in your own special way

Thank you!

Michaela Turner

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