A Name On the Menin Gate

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A Name on the Menin Gate
He went to war like a lamb
My Great Uncle Daniel
Blindly walking into the Lion’s Den
Did he think it was a lark?
Or just happy to play his part
A war to end all wars
Over by Christmas they said
Those with a wise head
Opted for safety instead
Of a journey leading to hell
Tales those men wouldn’t tell
Those that survived
Were haunted by their pals
As months turned to years
Laughter turning to tears
Mown down as the bullets struck true.
I never knew Uncle Daniel
Who joined the Ox and Bucks
He is just a name
I think it a shame
All that’s left of him
Is a name on the Menin Gate
Not only as he blown to pieces
His records were totally destroyed
During the Second World War Blitz


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