A Good War?

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It was started with the best of intention
with sincerity and high flown objectives
as the men of power decreed that it would
improve the quality of life and conditions for many
making them safer with justice for all
by removing the violence and threats to peace

many were the voices raised in dispute
but they were over-ruled, ignored and unheeded

the bombing began, the guns were fired
the tanks rolled in and the allies attacked
the enemy was crushed and quickly retreated
victory was claimed but prematurely it seemed
as mayhem ensued and services collapsed
the victors realised and their joys were short lived

the threats that were perceived no longer existed
and their raison d’etat had little basis in fact

the blustering began, scapegoats were named
assurances were given and excuses were made
as the leaders affirmed their belief in the cause
that history would prove them to be right
though mistakes had been made their motives were sound
their consciences clear, their actions deemed right

but many thousands have died and millions have cried
in the name of those determined on war

and what of the future?

Peter Smith

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