A Good Night’s Sleep

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The moonlight bids farewell to day
An owl swoops low above its prey.
A moth’s bedazzled by the light
The shadows tiptoe out of night.
Within the prison of your mind
Your demons will your weakness find.
You listen-that sound you hear’s
A heartbeat pounding out of fear.
You feel, that you might never sleep
The mice across the floorboards creep.
A cat meows upon the ledge
The springs are creaking on the bed.
The dragon’s left his cavernous lair
The smell of sulphur’s in the air…
And, in that brooding, starless night
Your demons, with the angels, fight.
Which ever, the battle lost, or won
You pray that soon the dawn’ll come

The haunting hour-the demons gone
You’ll be, as if, a child reborn…

Robert Carson

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