A Cat does His Best

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It’s a stressful life, dear, being a household cat,
Although the challenges keep me from getting too fat.
It’s the exercise, dear, that I have to perform,
In my daily pursuit of trying to keep warm,
It prevents me, dear, from growing like a balloon.
You see I change my position all over the room,
In my quest for the sun, dear, it just won’t keep still,
And it makes me move from the warm window sill.
I stretch, dear, and yawn, dear, then have a quick snack,
Then it’s once round the garden before coming back,
For a chase, dear, as the sun moves all afternoon,
And I’m bound to follow it until the moon,
Comes out at night, dear, to shine on our play,
Then it’s once round the garden before hitting the hay.
It’s a responsibility, dear, a cat needs to be best,
So it’s awfully important that I get my rest.


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