A Career

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My professional qualification
Is in municipal administration,
Something that is very rare,
A badge that I am proud to wear
And once I took my finals….twice….
Councils clamoured for my advice
To change their towns without appearing
Involved in social engineering.
I served the community
While making sure that it served me.
I displayed tremendous flair,
A problem solver, full of air;
Trouble making, trouble shooting,
Knowing when to put the boot in,
Developing Council strategy
And influencing policy
By night, in meetings, where I’d play,
While plotting in the pubs by day.
Expenses claimed, a lot of beer;
A varied, interesting career
With no particular work to do,
I just took an overview.
And so as all my colleagues toiled
I made sure that the wheels were oiled
And though, specifics, I can’t mention,
Now I have a lovely pension.

Andrew Diamond

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