6 Months Apart

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My baby boy of 4 months old, I leave you soon I fear
Afghanistan for 6 whole months, my god that’s half a year
But daddy is a soldier and soldiering is my job
But that doesn’t make it easy to leave my Harry Bob.

This 2 weeks leave before I go is going rather fast
I wish I knew just what to do to make these moments last
The time I’ve spent with you and mam from morning time till night
Whichever way I look at it, it’s such a perfect sight.

We’ve played and laughed, had so much fun, such happiness and joy
It makes each moment magic, you’re such a special boy
I watch you sleeping, now my son, after cuddling you to sleep
So many special memories forever I can keep.

I remember the world before you came, we thought you might never come
The months and years of praying for you were not easy for your mum
But come you did, our dream come true, our special moment had arrived
Baby Harry appeared to light our lives, and I admit that we both cried.

So Harry my son, please always know, how precious a son you are
And whilst I’m away, and you’re growing up, don’t forget your dear PaPa
We are the best of friends already and I love you with all my heart
When I get back, I promise you, we will never be apart.

Be good for your mum, I know you will, she’s the best mum in the world
We both love her with all our hearts, she’s a very special girl
So, I’ll see you real soon my Harry Bob, I’ll think of you everyday
When I come back I’ll bring you new toys so that Daddy and Harry can play.

And if mummy looks sad or cries a bit, don’t worry she’s just missing dad
She’ll smile straight away and be happy I know, when she sees you my big handsome lad
Tis only 3 months till I come back on leave and your mum and your dad will be wed
And Daddy can change your nappies and read you stories in bed.

All my love dear son
Dad x x x

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