2 Minutes of Silence

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Silence falls around now,
As sorrow fills my mind
That all those souls were fallen
In the battle for mankind
But through that pain comes hope
From faltered fractured fear
The world falls down around us
But England is still here
You can defame our morals
You can call us what you will
You won’t defeat our spirit
You can’t steal away our will
We will defend our freedom
We will stand tall and proud
For those who came before us
Our silence here is loud
Our silence holds our spirit
Our silence for their souls
Their lives were not forfeit
For riches, fame or gold
There sacrifice was sacred
Was for the what mattered most
They died for all their loved ones
To them I raise my toast
My thanks to them this day
This day to mark it all
This day when silence tells us
England will never fall.

Claire Thompson

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