We are here to provide a place of reflection for ex-service members, a place for expression and discussion. Aiming to help sufferers of PTSD in the form of poetry and story-telling. Feel free to have a read, make a comment on our stories and poems or join in and submit your own.

Recent Poems & Stories

19th March 2020

“Tae a Virus”

Twa months ago, we didna ken, yer name or ocht aboot ye But lots of things have changed since then, I really must salute ye Yer spreading rate is quite intense, yer feeding like a gannet Disruption caused, is so immense, ye’ve shaken oor wee planet. Corona used tae be…
10th February 2020

Thanks to the Print Creative Team

"PrintCreative" are a very fine team We asked them for help They painted our dream We’ve now got our website All shiny and bright To help many others sleep better at night. Thanks guys
18th October 2019


Here I sit on a lonely park bench, I try hard to forget the shallow, dark trench, I try hard to forget the filth and blood, And the bodies of friends lying in the mud. I try to forget that feeling of fear, As a German patrol drew closer and…

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“Through my own experiences in talking with the boys and girls about their thoughts on war and how they felt about going into action many would just shrug; "it's what we are trained to do" they would say. For most their thoughts are so personal, and even for the most articulate often difficult to put into words without aggrandizement. Yet through poetry they express themselves with absolute clarity, deep feeling and simplicity. I only have to read the poem "In Flanders Field" by Lt Col John McCrae or Kipling's "Tommy" to fully appreciate and be thankful for the beauty of Forces Poetry. To see this tradition still flourishing in the fertile minds of today's young men and women of our armed forces is gratifying and humbling. They leave us such a precious legacy which is matched by their courage, honour and duty. We must never forget them.”

Dame Vera LynnOur Patron
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of people exposed to mass violence have been shown to develop PTSD


are diagnosed with PTSD during a given year


Women are 2x more likely to suffer from PTSD than men

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